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Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Get Along

Japan Tsunami - After the Darkness

Also, messages of hope to the people in Tohoku, Japan...

A very SPECIAL video about my trip to Ofunato, Tohoku, Japan to deliver FREE HUGS and MESSAGES OF HOPE.

Special Announcements: 

On May 9-12, 2011, the Ganbaranba Team went to Ofunato, Iwate to provide food and partitions for the shelters. I joined the group so that I could deliver my messages of hope and hugs that I gathered from Hiroshima, Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. Please visit the "Messages of Hope" page for more information and pictures. 

About me:

My name is Vincent Marx. I currently live in Japan as a writer and teacher. I started doing free hug events in December of 2010 after seeing a video by 
Juan Mann, the one who started the "Free Hug Campaign." I was inspired, and I stepped beyond my comfort zone. It has truly  enhanced the way I perceive my life and the lives of others -- even as I walk through a crowded train station in Tokyo.

  Valentine's Day!

Very serious times for those who lost so much in Tohoku, Japan...



New Year's celebration at Meiji Jingu Shrine...